HolistaPets is a Polish brand whose goal is to create animal nutritional products such as dietary supplements and oils. We want to take care of the diet of your animals by providing them with preparations of the highest possible standard.

The preparations in our offer can be successfully added to any meal of your pet, all you need to do is match the appropriate supplements to his needs. Powdered supplements and oils can be fed to dry food, wet food, or self-prepared raw or cooked food.

We want to guarantee beyond any doubt that your pet's bowl will contain only certified, tested, ecologically clean ingredients obtained from responsible sources. We believe that such a model of nutrition can ensure a longer and healthier life for animals.

Why add supplements to your dog's and cat's meals?

The natural supplements that we offer to your pets are sources of iodine, vitamins, amino acids and minerals. They provide the essential fatty acids for the proper functioning of organism. Serving them is super easy! By adding a measure in the form of a spoon or pump to the packaging, you can easily give your pet a portion of the supplement to a meal.

We also approach the place where we live with respect and care. By choosing our brand, you reduce the amount of plastic in the environment because our packaging is 100% recyclable. Plastic packaging and bottles can be fully segregated after tearing off the label without glue with just one stroke.

We support the European industry by not using low-quality components of Chinese origin in the production of our preparations. HolistaPets is not only about healthier nutrition, it is also a holistic lifestyle and care for the planet on which we live. Our products are not only pure ecological raw materials, which we obtain from pristine, responsible sources to provide your animals with the healthiest nutrition. It is also a holistic lifestyle and care for the planet we live on.